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What Could Help You Walk More?

Emerson Digital Pedometer (EA)Yesterday, I heard that people who use pedometers will walk, on daily average, at least 1100 steps more than people who don’t use one.

I have no idea where this study came from, my sister-in-law told me about it because we were chatting about the fact that both of us wear pedometers during the day.

Apparently, subconsciously, pedometer wearers think about walking more, so they do!

Huh? Who knew?

So, if you could burn a few extra calories per day, without really thinking about it, dawn a pedometer and you’ll have those extra calories worked out in no time without needing to muster up extra motivation!

* Tip: About 2000 steps is equal to 1 mile.


I hope you enjoyed this Motivation post on Natural Weight Loss Tip! Until next time…

Get to Walkin’,

Kimberly Edwards :)

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6 Responses to “What Could Help You Walk More?”

  1. jennifer says:

    Hey, if anyone is looking for a motivational tool to help them with their weight loss journey, you should try the weightmirror on the iPhone. It is so easy to use. Just take a picture of yourself and the application will instantly show what you could look like up to 50 Lbs lighter. It is fantastic and I recommend it to everyone!

  2. Kenney says:

    @Jennifer: Hey, thanks for commenting and leaving a awesome help tool for getting more motivation.

    I have to check out this tool… It’s seems pretty cool. Hope to see ya around some more with some cool tips.


  3. Tom says:

    Pedometers are a great walking aid and walking is by far the best way to restart an exercise routine and get the weight off. Key thing is sticking with it and the key thing about sticking with it is to take your time. Begin slowly. Most people overdo it at first, get sore or injured and quit. They don’t take the time to plan out a walking routine or they don’t spend the time and effort to get proper shoes and equipment. As with writing a bit of thinking and planning up front will make all the difference in your outcome,

  4. Kenney says:

    @Tom: Hey thanks for the added info. I love walking and think that it is a phenomenal workout.

  5. What are the best brands of pedometer on the market?*~:

  6. Kenney says:

    That depends on what you are looking for, but Omron and AccuSplit make good ones.

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